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Pemphigus in Dogs – Understanding the Real Cause of Your Canine’s Suffering

Pemphigus in dogs can be divided into four categories, i.e. foliaceus, vulgaris, erythematosus and vegetans.  As a whole, all the categories are called with the name pemphigus complex.

Pemphigus in dogs is a medical condition that normally affects the skin area as well as the mucus membranes.  With pemphigus in dogs, the skin may get infected rather seriously up to the point that itching, lesions and development of pus may appear and cause extreme pain.  Canine pemphigus is quite difficult to handle as it originates from poor condition of the immune system.  In other words, the immune system of the dog is fighting its own internal systems.  Canine pemphigus attacks healthy skin cells and destroys them.  It seems that the illness is difficult to treat and causes much suffering to the dog.

Symptoms of pemphigus in dogs can be reduced but this depends on how long it has been going on.  If pemphigus in dogs is left to spread all over the skin, a dog can die out of this condition.  Canine pemphigus is usually identified through its symptoms.  For foliaceus, the most affected areas are the ears, eyes, bridges of nose, groins and padding of the feet.  Symptoms for vulgaris canine pemphigus are skin problems affecting the mouth area, noses, anuses and vaginas.  For erythematosus, facial areas and ears are most affected.  Vegetan is quite rare though, and it causes the development of ulcers on the skin.

To solve issues pertinent to pemphigus in dogs, the internal system of the dog must know how to stop from destructing its own self.  Relief from pain for pemphigus in dogs can be obtained by delaying the aggressiveness of the immune system.  The best way to do this is by choosing natural resources rather than drugs.  While drugs are likely to produce quick relief for canine pemphigus, they work temporarily only.  DigestaCure is a better alternative to reduce symptoms of canine pemphigus, as it corrects a dog’s immune system the natural way, and the good thing is that it can be used as daily, lifetime supplement.