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How to Detect Lupus in Dogs and Find Ways to Make Your Dog Feel Good Again

In its scientific term, lupus in dogs is known as lupus erythematosus.  It is present in two forms, i.e. CDL and CSL.

Lupus in dogs is a type of canine medical illness caused by poor antibodies.  Antibodies are supposed to reduce severity of illnesses, but with canine lupus, the antibodies are the ones attacking the cells of the body.  Lupus in dogs is a rare condition, and when it comes to CDL it usually occurs to certain breed of dogs such as Sheepdogs and Huskies.  Comparing between CDL and CSL, CDL tends to occur more frequently than CSL.  Canine lupus usually attacks the most vital internal organs of a dog.  Depending on the severity of the condition, this illness may even cause fatality.

Some of the symptoms of lupus in dogs may include losing of fur and development of crusty and rough skin.  Lupus in dogs may also show other symptoms such as lesion on certain skin areas and affected joints.  Over time, when the damage becomes worse, the joints of a dog may start becoming lame and painful, and these are signs of the beginning of arthritis.  Other symptoms of canine lupus may include extreme tiredness, or easily tired due to simple activities.  The gums of a dog suffering from canine lupus are pale in color, and you can almost be sure that this is one of the signs of anaemia.

When your dog is suffering from lupus in dogs the chance of getting better often depends on the severity of the illness.  An early stage of lupus in dogs is not that dangerous and specific ointment can provide comfort to your dog.  For serious canine lupus cases many vets choose to use corticosteroids.  However, once a dog’s condition becomes stable, the use of drugs is not necessary anymore.  DigestaCure is a possible solution for lupus in canines, and it’s made from natural ingredients only.  It helps in reducing canine lupus symptoms so that a dog can lead a much healthier and happier life without having to depend on drugs.