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Identifying Symptoms of Colitis in Dogs and their Possible Alternative Solutions

Colitis in dogs is a condition where a dog experiences super-active bowel syndrome.  This condition can be caused by several factors including bacteria, viruses, multiple illnesses and allergens.

Colitis in dogs is a colon inflammatory condition and it can become quite painful.  Colitis in dogs may be caused by infection from other canines, parasites and contaminated food.  The disease may also originate from other serious illnesses such as cancer and infection of the bowel.  Certain canines are allergic to certain foods, beverages and items.  Having this said, canine colitis may be caused by certain plants, carbonated drinks and a number of different foods.  Other than that, canine colitis may also originate from hereditary problems such as the tendency of the colon to produce more bad bacteria than the good.

Colitis in dogs caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites may bring about certain symptoms.  Your dog might appear struggling, and there might be fresh blood and mucus in its stool.  Constipation could be another symptom for colitis in dogs.  Frequent vomiting is another symptom of canine colitis, and this is especially dangerous when the condition is in its chronic stage.  Reduced body weight and laziness are among some of the chronic canine colitis symptoms, as a dog would normally lose its appetite out of severe discomfort, which directly results in loss of energy.  Don’t wait until a dog starts losing its weight, as it might be too late to improve the condition of your dog by then.

Colitis in dogs can be given anti-fungal medication and antibiotics.  Vets would normally provide canines with these drug-based medications to provide ease of pain when it involves colitis in dogs.  Take note though, that drugs are not the best solution for canine colitis, as they only provide short-term relief.  The better solution should be safe to consume, and won’t cause dangerous side effects.  DigestaCure is an excellent example of a natural product that reduces not just the symptoms of canine colitis but gets rid of the disease in its entirety.