Welcome to autoimmunedogs.com, where the site talks about autoimmune disorders in dogs.  Taking care of dogs that are suffering from canine autoimmune disease is not easy as they tend to fall ill rather frequently.  At the same time, canine autoimmune disease may take a longer time to heal as your dog does not have adequate defences to fight autoimmune disorders in dogs.  Autoimmune diseases dogs might inherit the illness or they might have developed after birth or sometime later in their life.  Autoimmune diseases dogs are also vulnerable to other diseases due to their poor condition of immune system.

Canine autoimmune disease which is caused by other diseases or illnesses is called acquired immune system disorder.  Seventy percent of canine illness cases come from canine autoimmune disease.  The inability of canines to fight viruses, bacteria and fungi may possibly lead to serious autoimmune disorders in dogs.  Some of the common illnesses that may trigger the occurrence of autoimmune disorders in dogs are diabetes, leukaemia and anaemia.  Diabetes can worsen the condition of autoimmune diseases dogs as the function of white blood cells becomes impaired due to their inability to process food into energy and the presence of high level of sugar in the blood.  Lack of nutrition can also worsen the condition of autoimmune diseases dogs.

Aging is another factor that causes autoimmune disorders in dogs.  At this point of time, many dogs start to experience difficulties as even little ordinary things can make them fall ill.  Canine autoimmune disease is merciless in nature, and that many autoimmune diseases dogs tend to suffer until the end of their life.   Some of the common autoimmune disorders in dogs are Addison’s diseases, Colitis, IBD, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Autoimmune Hymolytic Anemia (IMHA), Lupus, Myasthenia Gravis, and Pemphigus.  Canine autoimmune disease can be avoided if you take great care of your dog.  This site reveals further information about autoimmune diseases in dogs and how to beat the problems associated to autoimmune diseases dogs.