Canine Addison Disease – Its Symptoms and How to Address this Problem

Canine Addison disease is a common occurrence among dogs.  It can affect a dog’s quality of life, but luckily there are hopeful solutions to this problem. Canine Addison disease is a medical condition where a dog’s adrenal gland is not able to secrete adequate amount of steroidal hormone known as cortisol.  Due to Canine Addison […]

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Revealed Secrets on Canine Myasthenia Gravis Illness

Canine myasthenia gravis in dogs is quite a life-altering disease.  It is a disease generating from poor immune system, where the immune system tends to attack the body instead of protecting it. The life of myasthenia gravis dogs may not be as cheerful as healthy dogs. This is due to the fact that myasthenia gravis […]

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Pemphigus in Dogs – Understanding the Real Cause of Your Canine’s Suffering

Pemphigus in dogs can be divided into four categories, i.e. foliaceus, vulgaris, erythematosus and vegetans.  As a whole, all the categories are called with the name pemphigus complex. Pemphigus in dogs is a medical condition that normally affects the skin area as well as the mucus membranes.  With pemphigus in dogs, the skin may get […]

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How to Detect Lupus in Dogs and Find Ways to Make Your Dog Feel Good Again

In its scientific term, lupus in dogs is known as lupus erythematosus.  It is present in two forms, i.e. CDL and CSL. Lupus in dogs is a type of canine medical illness caused by poor antibodies.  Antibodies are supposed to reduce severity of illnesses, but with canine lupus, the antibodies are the ones attacking the […]

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IBD in Dogs – The Symptoms and Possible Solutions

IBD in dogs is an inflammatory condition that affects the bowel system.  The presence of this condition might suggest that a dog is actually infected with a number of disorders affecting the lining of its gastro-intestines. IBD in dogs is not really a disease coming from one cause or trigger.  IBD in dogs is a […]

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome Dogs – Looking at it Signs and How to Beat This Condition

Canine irritable bowel syndrome is one of the most common illnesses that may affect a dog.  Although there are possible solutions for this condition, it can alter the quality of life of a dog if nothing is done. It seems that many dog owners often come up with questions of how to tackle problems related […]

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Identifying Symptoms of Colitis in Dogs and their Possible Alternative Solutions

Colitis in dogs is a condition where a dog experiences super-active bowel syndrome.  This condition can be caused by several factors including bacteria, viruses, multiple illnesses and allergens. Colitis in dogs is a colon inflammatory condition and it can become quite painful.  Colitis in dogs may be caused by infection from other canines, parasites and […]

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Autoimmune Anemia in Dogs – Is Your Dog Affected?

Autoimmune anemia in dogs is one type of anaemia originating from immune system deficiency.  This condition causes the number of red blood cells to reduce in amount. Autoimmune anemia in dogs is a medical condition that affects the normal balance of red blood cells of a dog.  With canine autoimmune hemolytic anemia, the breaking of […]

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